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Supporting Families

Use this page to find out about our local parent/carer training and support.

The Solihull Approach


This course is for parents or guardians who care for a child with physical or learning disabilities. This free ‘Understanding your child with additional needs’ course Online Learning ( will help parents, relatives and friends of children with a physical or learning disability to better understand your child. The course looks at the ways you feel and act as a parent or carer, and the impacts this can have on your child's behaviour. It will introduce you to different styles of parenting and the ways they can make it easier to work with your child's behaviour and support their development.


Parents can access this course for FREE by visiting In Our Place website and using the access code PARENTSROCK.

Online Learning (

SENDIASS Training and Development Training

Starting Well Partnership Parent/Carer Workshop Timetable

Starting Well Partnership Details

Harmony at Home Intervention - Please see Mrs Dobson for further information

Useful Link and Documents


Use this link to find the Worcestershire Family Hub website.


Virtual Family Hub | Worcestershire County Council