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Evergreen FAQs

Please see below frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Evergreen.If you have any questions that are not answered in these FAQs, please contact the school office. 


What is Evergreen? 

Evergreen is part of our commitment to enhance learning and unlock every pupil’s academic and personal potential. 


Every pupil in Years 3 and above will be equipped with a tablet for both school and home use at no cost to families. Additionally, devices will be available to pupils in Reception to Year 2 to use, when appropriate, within the school day. 


Why is it called Evergreen? 

As in nature, Evergreen refers to something sustainable, that remains fresh and is long-lasting. It can also refer to something that retains interest or is universally and continually relevant. 


Evergreen represents our vision to teach children to love, learn, live as global citizens in an ever-changing digital world and forms an important part of our approach to sustainability. 


Why are we doing this? 

Evergreen is focused on enhancing educational outcomes and fostering a love for learning in our pupils. By incorporating digital devices into our offer, children will love, learn, live as global citizens in an ever-changing digital world.  


The use of technology is not new to education; it is our statutory responsibility to ensure that the National Curriculum for computing is taught well to all pupils. We will use the latest innovations in digital technology to maximise pupils’ learning without compromising on the handwritten skills that pupils also need. Evergreen enables all children (who may not have access to a device at home) to have a dedicated learning device to support their learning at home. 


How will devices support our SEND provision? 

The introduction of one-to-one digital devices in our school will enable teachers to deliver highly targeted support and intervention. The immediate access to tailored resources, targeted intervention and the ability to re-watch instructions significantly improves productivity for our pupils. This ensures that each child can utilise the most appropriate scaffolding, thereby maximizing learning. 


What impact do one-to-one devices have on teaching and learning? 

Across our family of schools, we have already seen how digital devices have transformed the way we teach and how our pupils learn. 

  • These devices make learning more accessible for pupils and open up new opportunities to capture their learning, with features like voice-to-text and coloured overlays for reading. 

  • Pupils develop essential digital skills and learn how to navigate the online world safely. 

  • For teachers, these devices streamline assessment and feedback, enabling more personalised support for each pupil’s learning journey. 


Rivers’ pupils’ feedback 

“Technology has helped me with my dyspraxia, as It affects my writing and getting my ideas down on paper.”  


“It helps prepare us for the future because many jobs include technology nowadays. We also have many apps that help us to explore and learn new things.”  


“We spend more time learning because we don’t have to stick things in and write the date.”  


“Technology has lots of positive impacts on pupils but also at home. Adults can see the achievements and progress their child is making at home daily.”  


Overall, integrating digital devices is vital for maximising pupils’ learning and progress in today's digital age. 


Research findings 

There is growing research in the sector. For example, there are notable findings from Leo Academy Trust, which has extensively researched the impact and benefits of digital technology within their primary schools: 

  • Digital tasks increase classroom efficiency by 23%, allowing the repurposing of time for more targeted and inclusive learning - leading to significant attainment gains. 

  • The reduction in worksheet printing and the number of exercise books saves approximately 400 trees per year. 

  • The proportion of children achieving greater depth in national assessments in reading, writing, and maths at LEO is more than triple the national average over the last 3 years. 


Executive Summary.pdf - Google Drive


How is this project being funded? 

Evergreen is an important investment to support our digital strategy and overall vision. We have undergone a rigorous process to make sure Evergreen is sustainable and financially viable both now and for the future. We have used funds that we would ordinarily invest in IT equipment across our schools each year and have acquired devices through a lease model rather than purchasing outright to save money. We have also identified budget savings, such as reduced print costs, fewer platforms and system efficiencies that will allow for further investment. 


Will all pupils have tablet devices? 

Every pupil in Years 3 and above will receive their own tablet device for use both at school and at home to ensure that they have consistent access to digital learning tools. Younger learners, from Reception to Year 2, will have access to devices to use in the classroom, when appropriate. 


This approach is tailored to their developmental needs by ensuring technology is integrated into their learning experience in a way that is most beneficial for them. 


What device will my child be using? 

We have chosen iPads based on the best fit for our current requirements. iPads provide a secure system that we can tightly control to ensure it best supports our pupils' learning. 


Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our suppliers and the products used. Apple provides energy-efficient products and has robust and established sustainability policies. 


iPads are designed to use 63 percent less energy than the ENERGY STAR requirement and consistently rank among the high-performing products rated for energy consumption. They feature a durable unibody construction and have undergone rigorous testing for durability to ensure the battery life lasts for the duration of the device’s lifespan. Through our leasing company, we ensure there is a robust end-of-life care process which involves wiping data and reusing or recycling any components. The iPad operating system is kept up to date with any security patches to ensure their security. 


To find out more about Apple's commitment to sustainability please visit: Environment - Apple 


What is the difference between a 'school device' and a device I have at home?

The device provided by your school comes with specific rules and configurations to support our pupils' educational journey while ensuring their safety online and is intended for learning rather than for entertainment. Unlike personal devices, school devices use the Netsweeper internet browser which monitors and restricts access to potentially harmful websites, including YouTube and social media, regardless of the network used. Additionally, the applications on these devices are carefully selected to comply with GDPR, protecting pupil data. They are also configured to prevent the removal of these restrictions, allowing our IT department to manage devices remotely and ensure a focused and secure learning environment.



How will the introduction of tablets impact handwritten work? 

The introduction of one-to-one devices will complement, not replace, traditional lessons, learning and writing skills. While devices offer new and engaging ways to learn, handwriting remains an essential part of our curriculum. We will be ensuring that pupils continue to receive a rounded education with an appropriate blend of speaking, listening, writing, physical activity and learning enhanced by digital technology. 


How will the introduction of tablets impact communication and language? 

Communication, vocabulary and language remain prime areas of learning and development for early years development. 


Communication is a key skill and we are committed to creating a language-rich environment and improving access to high-quality oracy education. The number and quality of conversations that pupils have with staff and peers throughout the day will not change and we will continue to encourage talk and make sure pupils can communicate effectively.  


What should I do if I am worried about how long my child spends on their device? 

We are committed to continuing to ensure a balanced approach to technology use. 


During lesson time, devices are used to access different aspects of the curriculum and enhance learning but they are not used in every lesson. We will continue to use traditional teaching and learning and give pupils a break from devices, which will help to reinforce positive behaviours like device moderation and effective use of technology. 


At home, we suggest managing screen time by encouraging non-screen activities and using parental controls. For practical tips on balancing digital and non-digital activities, visit Internet Matters Click here for more information. 


How will we ensure children's safety and wellbeing? 

Safety is one of our STARS values and a top priority in the implementation of Evergreen. We have thorough measures in place, including: 

  • Tailored device settings for safety and protection. 

  • Real-time monitoring and access by teachers to pupils’ work in school. 

  • Adherence to the latest standards in digital safety, as outlined in 'Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023'. 

  • Regular training and feedback opportunities for all involved, including staff, pupils, parents and carers. 

  • Ongoing communication with parents and carers about digital safety and a robust digital safety curriculum for pupils. 


These steps are part of our commitment to safeguard every child's experience in the digital learning environment. 


Will this mean more homework for children? 

We want every pupil to have the opportunity to be able to continue their love of learning at home and not be restricted by access to a device. No extra homework will be set. 


What are my responsibilities as a parent/carer? 

Please see the acceptable use agreement for details.  


Please ensure that you and your child care for the device when learning at home and do not take it out of the case at any time. 

You must:  

  • Report any loss or damage (including accidental loss or damage) promptly to the school office. 

  • Report any theft to the police immediately and get a crime reference number. Pass this number on to the school office. 

  • Report any faults with the device or installed software promptly. 

  • Ensure that the device is returned when the pupil leaves the school for whatever reason or at any other time upon the request of a member of school staff. 

  • Make sure the device is not used for any illegal and/or anti-social purpose, including access to inappropriate internet sites or social networks. 

  • Make sure the device is fully charged and that your child brings it to school every day. 

  • Ensure that the device is maintained in good condition. 


Can my child access the internet on the device? 

Whilst in school, pupils will be able to access the internet using the school's Wi-Fi. Teachers will be able to limit access to the internet and different apps during lessons. 


Outside of school, pupils can use Wi-Fi at home. We advise parents and carers to set up appropriate safeguards and monitor their child's internet usage at home. This can include setting up parental controls on your home Wi-Fi and discussing responsible internet use with your child. Our goal is to ensure that pupils can benefit from the vast educational resources available online while staying safe and focused on learning. 


Please watch the latest safety webinar to understand how we teach safety within the curriculum and how to set up parental controls at home. 


What happens if there is no internet at home? 

If you do not have internet access at home, please speak to the school office who will be able to support you. 


Can you access social media and YouTube? 

Social media websites and YouTube will not be permitted for use, at home or school. 


How can parents and carers monitor what children are doing on the devices? 

Controls have been set up on the devices for safeguarding and teacher monitoring. Parents and carers can set their own rules at home for when their child may/may not use their device. 


We would encourage parents and carers to have conversations with their children about the learning they are currently undertaking and engage with home learning along with their children. Having the device will make it easier for parents to see what their child has done at school that day. We want children to be excited about learning and become lifelong learners. Technology will support you as a parent or carer to understand the curriculum and your child’s interests. 


Can staff monitor what pupils are doing on their devices? 

Staff devices have an app called Apple Classroom which allows them to monitor, in real-time, pupils' devices in their class. They can send and receive documents, see which apps pupils are working on, control and lock devices and, at the end of the class, view a summary of how pupils spent their time. 


How can we stop pupils from accessing inappropriate content online? 

To prevent access to inappropriate content, all devices come with robust web filtering tools both in and out of school. This filtering, managed by the trust and our internet provider, is designed to block access to harmful websites regardless of the internet connection used. 


While these measures are effective, no system is foolproof. We encourage parents and carers to participate actively in overseeing their child's internet use at home. Regular discussions with your child about online safety and responsible internet habits can significantly enhance these technical safeguards. This collaborative approach helps ensure a safe online experience for all pupils.  


If you have any technical issues with the available content, please report it via our Internet Reporting Form.


What will I do if the device is damaged? 

We have taken precautions to minimise the risk of damage by providing a case for your device. The case should not be removed. 


If the device is damaged, it must be repaired. Repairs must not be attempted by the user or arranged through a third-party repair service. If your child’s device is damaged, please let the school office know as soon as possible and a repair will be arranged. 


Devices that are damaged due to negligence or lack of care will result in the child’s parent or carer being asked to meet the costs of repair in part or in full. 


What should I do if the device is lost? 

If your child loses their device, please report this to the school office. We will place the device in lost or stolen mode. When this mode is activated, the device will be locked, which will prevent it from being used. 


When lost or stolen mode is activated then the last known location of the device may be identified. This location will continue to update if the device is moved. This will help us to find your child’s device. 


Pupils, parents and carers are responsible for taking care of the device including ensuring that it is not lost. 


What should I do if the device is stolen? 

If the device is stolen, please report the theft to the police and provide the crime number to the school office. We will provide location information, obtained from the use of lost or stolen mode, to the police. 


How can we keep ourselves and the device safe when travelling to and from school? 

Pupils should keep the device in the protective case provided and store the device out of sight in their bag. This reduces the risk of damage or loss. In the unlikely event that the device is lost or stolen, please report this to the school office so that the device tan be locked and tracked. 


In our research and communication with other large trusts that have rolled out 1:1 devices, there have not been any thefts or safety issues for pupils on the way to and from school.  


What happens if my child forgets to bring their device to school? 

It is important that every child remembers to bring their device to school every day and that it is charged and ready for use. 


If your child forgets their device, limited devices are available for use in school. However, we cannot guarantee availability. Persistent failure to bring in their device means that your child will not be ready for learning. 


Who, how and when will the devices be charged? 

We expect the device to be fully charged when your child comes into school. This charge will last all day. Each device will be supplied with a protective case and charging lead. Devices should always remain in the case. Ensure that you use the provided charger for charging the device. 


What precautions should I take when charging the device? 

As with any electrical device, it is important to follow the safety instructions from the manufacturer. You can read safety information for the iPad from Apple here


When do I need to give the device back? 

At the end of your child’s time at school, or whenever they leave during the year, they are required to return the device in good working condition and any accessories (case, lead and plug). 


Can parents, carers or pupils download apps? 

No. The device will come preloaded with a wide range of apps that will support your child’s learning These have been carefully selected internally to ensure they are safe and secure and enhance the learning opportunities within school. 


What is the environmental impact of Evergreen? 

As part of our sustainable curriculum, we educate our pupils about the importance of achieving the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). As a trust, we are working to be carbon net zero by 2030 by taking positive action to reduce energy consumption. 


To support our environmental focus, we source suppliers based on their commitment to sustainability. We have acquired devices through Jigsaw24 on a lease model rather than purchasing outright to not only save money, but to enable the devices to be returned, refurbished or recycled. 


As with all our suppliers, Jigsaw24 prioritises SDGs and this was acknowledged in 2023 with a four-star rating from the Support the Goals Initiative. They have also been awarded a gold rating by EcoVadis for their sustainability rating. Find out more about Jigsaw24 sustainable approach