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Heronswood Primary School home

Heronswood Primary School and Pre-School


At Heronswood we believe in the importance of old fashioned values and good manners, where children say please and thank you and where they hold doors open for adults and each other. We have very high expectations for behaviour; in the classrooms, during lessons, at playtimes, during assemblies and around the school. 



Successful learning behaviour is both modeled, taught and developed in all our classes. Our planning systems ensure that lessons keep children engaged and excited and through ownership of learning children are able to maintain focus and challenge themselves; pushing barriers and exceeding expectations.



Exceptional behaviour enables all of our children to learn effectively, in a safe and supportive environment.  We encourage our children to be thoughtful, respectful and considerate in the behaviour choices they make and we pride ourselves on their politeness. We encourage them to have impeccable manners and to always show respect towards others. Our STARS underpin our school values and fit perfectly with our British Values.


Green Leaf Ticks and Proud Leaves

To reward children for working hard in their lessons, for completing their work, for completing homework tasks and for challenging their thinking they will receive a green leaf tick from the class teacher. The children then aim to collect five leaf ticks which are converted into a proud leaf.  





Zone Boards
Within each of our classrooms we use a zone board system to help children monitor their own behaviour. All children start each day in the green zone, which is in the middle of the zone board. The children then aim to get their names moved up the zone board into silver or gold. 


However if a child’s behaviour is not acceptable their name will be moved down the zone board into the orange zone.  When that child manages to make the right behaviour choices their name will be moved back up into the green zone. If a child does not make the correct behaviour choices their name will go into the red zone. At this point the child will automatically receive a red card and be sent to speak to a member of SLT (Senior Leadership Team). If a child goes into the red zone three times in the same week, their parents will be called in for a meeting with a member of SLT.



At the end of each school day, we record where children are on the zone board.  A Marvellous Me sticker is sent home on a daily basis to celebrate silver and gold achievements.  We count the number of times children end up in the gold zone. To recognise and reward excellent behaviour children receive a certificate every time they achieve ten times in the gold zone.

Say No to Bullying