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Ofsted Reports

May 2024 - Heronswood Primary School has been graded as Outstanding in all areas by Ofsted - Click here to read our report - Ofsted Report 


Heronswood Primary School and Pre-School is delighted to announce its ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted following an inspection on 30th April to 1st May 2024.  The school demonstrated it was Outstanding in all 5 areas of the Ofsted Framework.

Overall Effectiveness - Outstanding

The Quality of Education - Outstanding

Behaviour and Attitudes - Outstanding

Personal Development - Outstanding

Leadership and Management - Outstanding

Early Years Provision - Outstanding


The report acknowledged the school's dedication to wellbeing and pupil engagement, “emotional well-being is prioritised so that pupils get the most from every lesson”. Through the work of the school council, “pupils learn that they have a voice and the right to be heard.”  Activities organised by the school such as carol singing at local care homes and litter picking help to engage pupils as active community members. This ensures “pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain.”

Heronswood opened a new purpose-built Pre-School room, named Tots, in March 2024, expanding its current childcare provision to include 2-year-old children. The report recognised that all children in the early years got off to a great start in their education. Early reading was pointed out as being “exceptionally well taught” and staff were acknowledged for being “highly skilled at teaching daily phonics lessons”. Consequently, “pupils learn to read with the confidence and accuracy expected for their age, and many exceed this” and “children are very well prepared for the next stage of their learning.”

The report commended the school’s skilled teachers for having a strong grasp of the subjects they teach and for ensuring that pupils effectively build on their prior knowledge. “High-quality lessons motivate pupils to want to do their very best.”

Ofsted - May 2024





December 2022 - Heronswood Primary School continues to be a good school. There is enough evidence of improved performance to suggest that the school could be judged outstanding if we were to carry out a graded (section 5) inspection now. The school's next inspection will be a graded inspection.

Across the school, staff give their best and expect pupils to do the same. They keep pupils very busy and encourage them to work hard. They also make sure that pupils enjoy their lessons. Indeed, pupils bubble with enthusiasm when they talk about their learning.  Reading is a key strength.  Ofsted - December 2022


Strong leadership keeps everyone up to date and continues to drive improvements.  The headteacher has built a capable team. Leaders and staff put pupils first and have established highly effective systems for making sure the right things happen at the right time. From the Nursery onwards, their communication with parents and carers is exceptional.  Since the previous inspection, this strong leadership has continued to improve the school.  Ofsted - December 2022


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. The culture of safeguarding is exceptionally strong. Leaders are very well informed and have established efficient systems for noticing and acting upon concerns.  Ofsted - December 2022


Pupils’ behaviour in class is excellent. This allows lessons to run smoothly and any disruptions are rare.  Pupils’ excellent behaviour continues to shine out.  Pupils also have a role in shaping school life. Pupil house captains, school councillors and well-being ambassadors all play their part in making the school a fair and happy place to be.  Ofsted - December 2022





September 2017 - Heronswood Primary School and Pre-School has been graded as a Good school overall.  In addition they have been graded as Outstanding in two areas; firstly in Leadership and Management and secondly in Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare.


“The Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher work as a highly effective, tightly cohesive unit…their enthusiasm and passion ripple through the culture of the school.” Ofsted September 2017


“Current senior leaders have energetically and systematically transformed the school’s culture.  Leaders believe that pupils’ welfare and wellbeing are the keys to the school’s success.  Staff work relentlessly to keep pupils safe and to promote their happiness. ” Ofsted September 2017


“Pupils behave exceptionally well. From the first day they start at the school, they learn to display impressive levels of self-discipline. ” Ofsted September 2017


“The behaviour of pupils is outstanding.  Pupils’ conduct is impeccable. They are exceptionally well mannered, courteous and considerate towards one another and to adults. This leads to a calm, caring environment in which pupils thrive. ” Ofsted September 2017




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